Iron Ore Mine Development
January 11, 2016
Free-Flow Tolling Implementation
January 11, 2016

About the project

As part of its service to the community, BDR Project’s Local Government client implemented an asset condition inspection regime.

The project required assessment of building condition across a substantial number of assets widespread across the Local Government Area.


BDR role

BDR Projects was engaged to assess the building condition of more than 90 assets in a very tight timeframe (two months). These assets were across Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the inspection regime.

BDR Projects industry experts undertook strategic planning and used advanced technology, including drone imagery, in order to complete the works within the project timeframes.

Services for the project included:

  • Assessment and recommendations on matters pertaining to building conditions
  • 10 year maintenance planning
  • Asset renewals programme
  • Compliance with industry standards and statutory requirements
  • High priority works / safety concerns identification.

The engagement included a full building and compliance assessment in order to determine how much work was required for a particular building to be operational within the next 12 months. BDR Projects provided total maintenance costs and total renewal costs for the next 10 years.


BDR Projects provided the council with efficient and quality assessments for more than 90 assets within a three month period.

BDR Projects achieved a high quality outcome for its client, deliverables in excess of requirements, program achievements and document control despite stringent program adherence requirements and data management.


  • Project Management


North Coast, Queensland

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