About Us

The BDR Projects specialist team does not simply provide expert project delivery services. What makes us different is that our strategic relationship with clients begins well before any formal engagement.

BDR’s cornerstone objective is to work with clients from the beginning, to know your team and processes as well as you do, so we can provide our tailored advice, management strategies and deliverables for success.

About us

With a head office on the Gold Coast, and more than 30 years of operations, BDR Projects assists clients from offices in several locations throughout Australia. We also have a highly mobile workforce, available when and where they are required.

As a group of experts in our chosen fields, the BDR team goes   further to achieve results for our clients.

BDR’s respected services are enhanced through our in-house systems, which provide a ground breaking suite of contracts and cost management tools suited for all aspects of project delivery. These are optionally available at client election.

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